The end of profiling as you know it.

Stop asking, “What can I measure?” Start asking, “What should I measure?” Thanks to nCounter Vantage assays, you get the full picture—targeted DNA, RNA, and protein analyses in one process. Why compromise when you don’t have to? Stop performing sequential testing.

Tissue profiling today

Translational Problem
Your translational research is taking you to a place where you will not have enough sample. This constraint forces you to choose what you can measure—often limited to DNA or RNA assays. This compromise limits the biology captured from your finite sample.
Research Problem
If you are fortunate to have enough sample, then you may deploy a combination of techniques like immunohistochemistry, sequencing, flow cytometry, mass spectrometry, qPCR, and/or western blots. This sequential testing approach generates a significant amount of data, however, the sum of the work is labor- and time-intensive. Furthermore, the most difficult part can be the integration of data to tell a meaningful story. Some call this “confuse-omics”

Why Compromise?
Capture more biology from less sample. With as few as 5,000 cells, you can simultaneously profile any combination of SNVs, RNA, and protein targets.
Stop sequential testing.
Combine multi-omic assays into one process and achieve an integrated data set containing target-specific counts.
How it works.

nCounter Vantage Assay Brochure
Learn how nCounter Vantage Assays can help you get more results from your sample. Our immuno-oncology case study and data demonstrate how you can advance your tumor profiling.

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Advancing Tumor Profiling with nCounter Vantage Assays


Wednesday, May 25th


Gavin Meredith, Associate Director of Product Development, NanoString Technologies

Niro Ramachandran, Director of Product Management, NanoString Technologies


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